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What We Got Wrong About Manifesting Our Dreams Via the Law of Attraction The Secret.

Since 2007, The Law of Attraction has captivated millions worldwide promising the power to manifest dreams simply by harnessing the power of the mind. Yet, despite its popularity, many find themselves disappointed by the lack of results. Let’s deep dive into the common misunderstandings and what we often get wrong about this mystical law.

movie the secret
Movie The secret

First, we must fully understand the Law of Attraction by getting into the actual definitionThe Law of Attraction is based on the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person's life. Historically rooted in New Thought philosophy, it gained mainstream attention through the movie "The Secret." 

That movie started my journey into this metaphysical world.  As a matter of fact, that is why I started my radio show, Law of Attraction Talk Radio… I wanted to ask the experts about how it worked.

What I found out initially was that many interpret the Law of Attraction as a cosmic ordering system where one's desires are delivered through mere thought. This simplistic interpretation often leads to frustration and disillusionment which I personally experienced… But I never lost my interest in the subject even through my frustrations. 

So, let’s investigate the actual science behind the Law of Attraction. Many Psychologists suggest that while positive thinking can play a significant role in an individual's life, it works not through magic but through attitude-driven behavior and decision-making.

Neuroscience points out that consistent positive thoughts can rewire the brain through neuroplasticity, fostering a mindset that can lead to more proactive behavior and opportunities. And it takes strong determination to stay in tune and not give up at times.

So, let’s dive into the common misconceptions about the Law of Attraction.

I found myself at first wanting instant results.  This was a major misconception!  I wanted the results to appear instantaneously.  You know… sooner than later.  Unfortunately, real change often requires time and persistent effort (especially for me).  I found myself just giving up the desire which turned out to speed up the result coming into being.  That was a powerful learning tool for me!

I also discovered that I totally misunderstood the powerful role of action. Manifestation is not solely about thinking but also doing. Action is a critical component that I often overlook.  I had to start getting active with reading, learning, and actively pursuing what I wanted. 

At times negative thinking could sometimes overshadow my efforts due to the brain's tendency to prioritize threats and failures over positive outcomes.  Yes, my brain was dominated by negative thinking, and still is.   It’s something that I must fight off every day.

I fought hard to figure out the definition of ‘Positive Thinking’ versus ‘Realistic Planning’.   While staying positive is crucial, combining it with realistic planning and action steps led me to creating more effective manifestations.

What I discovered is that believing in positive outcomes can sometimes trigger a placebo effect, where the belief itself catalyzes real change.  It turns out that manifesting dreams via the Law of Attraction is more than just thinking.

It’s important to create actionable steps by understanding the steps needed to achieve your dreams.  This happens methodically by working towards them, an essential part of the process. .

There have been case studies of successful manifestation. Examining real-life examples where individuals have successfully used the Law of Attraction can provide valuable insights into its practical application. And… It's your environment that can either support or hinder your manifestation efforts. Cultivating a supportive mindset environment is key.  You can achieve this by adopting a mindset that fosters growth and openness to opportunities that is crucial for effective manifestation.

The Role of Persistence and Resilience is vital in the manifestation process by overcoming which are a natural part of any journey towards manifestation. Learning to navigate these challenges is crucial.

It also takes a long-term commitment to Goals. Persistence and a long-term vision are often required to fully realize one's desires.

While practicing the steps to apply the Law of Attraction effectively, your setting clear, achievable goals must be clearly defined goals which are easier to focus on while you achieve.

Visualization Techniques are a powerful tool for keeping your goals and aspirations at the forefront of your mind.  With the application of Daily Affirmations, their power can reinforce and will your goals as it boosts your confidence, aligning your mindset with your aspirations.

Critical Perspectives from Skeptics argue that the Law of Attraction oversimplifies complex human desires and circumstances. But finding a balance between belief in the Law of Attraction and a healthy skepticism can lead to a more grounded and effective approach.

Integrating the Law of Attraction with other life aspects such as Relationships, Career, and Personal Development as well as integrating the principles of the Law of Attraction into various aspects of life,  can lead to holistic improvements and satisfaction.

While the Law of Attraction holds the promise of manifesting one's dreams, it requires a balanced approach that includes positive thinking, realistic planning, and persistent action. Understanding and correcting misconceptions can lead to more effective and fulfilling applications of this powerful law.

jewels johnson
Jewels Johnson

Follow Jewels by  listening to her podcast (Law of Attraction Talk Radio) with Jewels.  She has been the Talk Show host for over 17 years, and she airs her weekly show as well as having workshop cruises.   Johnson is the owner and operator of Law of Attraction Radio network and Law of Attraction Magazine, where you can read blog articles by her and others on this important subject.  You can contact Jewels directly by sending an email to



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