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Ask Jewels

Welcome to "Ask Jewels," the dedicated corner of Law of Attraction Magazine where your deepest queries on manifesting and the Law of Attraction are addressed by none other than our founder, Jewels Johnson. With 18 years steering this enlightening journey, Jewels has become a beacon of wisdom in the LOA community. Her insights are not just based on extensive knowledge but also on real-life experiences. Whether you're wrestling with doubts or seeking to deepen your understanding, Jewels is here to guide you with compassion and clarity. So go ahead, ask away, and unlock the secrets to transforming your life with the Law of Attraction.

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Question from Jenn, a reader of Law of Attraction Magazine: 


Dear Jewels:  

I have a question about the Law of Attraction.  I am trying to learn about it and follow a couple of people (Mike Dooley, MK Magic Mindset Create program for example)- but I do not seem to be getting anywhere with what I want to attract.  

I am trying to attract a new home and money- but I have been trying for the home for 4+ years and money is just not flowing. I am not sure what to do, or not do!!  Everyone talks about blocks so maybe that's a problem.  What do you suggest? Thanks- Jenn 

Hi Jenn!  

So wonderful to feel your wonderful vibration!  It sounds like you're putting in a lot of effort to make the Law of Attraction work for you, especially with the goal of attracting a new home and more abundance.  Good for you! 

Although it can be frustrating when it feels like you're not making progress, even though you are following the excellent teachings of experts like Mike Dooley and the MK Magic Mindset Create program.  When it comes to blocks, they can indeed play a big role.  Some of these blocks might be deep-seated beliefs or emotions that unconsciously counteract your conscious desires.  It's like trying to drive with the brakes on – no matter how hard you hit the gas, you won't get far - if you don't release the brake. So you might want to try these suggestions that may help you to move forward with obtaining your desires:  


  • Reflect on your beliefs: Sometimes, we have underlying beliefs about money or housing that can be in conflict with our desires. For instance, if you believe that money only comes from hard work, you might struggle to attract financial abundance through other means. 


  •  I would suggest for you to consider journaling which most likely will uncover any beliefs that might be contradicting your goals.  It' s best to use pen and paper,  Why?  Because it physically involves you taking action.  Don't work to hard at it, its more like letting it flow.


  •  Visualize with emotion:  Emotion plays a huge role in manifesting your desires.  Visualization is more than just picturing what you want… it's about feeling the emotions associated with having those things now. The emotional aspect is crucial in aligning your vibration with your desires. 


  • Take inspired action: while the Law of Attraction is about aligning your energy to power UP your desire, know that Action is often required to manifest your desires.     Your opportunity may be coming to you, but you are not seeing it because you are not looking at all possibilities.  So, you must be open to every opportunity and take steps that feel right, even if they're small. Sometimes, the Universe sends us paths to our goals that we didn't expect. You must keep your eyes open for all opportunities.   


  • Practice gratitude: Gratitude can shift your focus from what you lack to what you have, creating a more positive and receptive mindset. This shift can help you attract more of what you want. 


  • Consider if there's a timing aspect: Sometimes, what we want doesn't manifest in our preferred timing because the universe has a bigger plan or better timing in mind. Stay open and trust that things will come to you at the right time. 

It's really as easy as baking a cake.  You might have all the right ingredients (desire, visualization, and action), but if your oven (which is actually your mindset) isn’t at the right temperature or aligned with your goals, your cake (your dreams) won’t bake properly. You need to start imagining what the cake will taste like.  Then you are using all aspects of your brain! 

Don’t get discouraged. The Law of Attraction journey is as much about personal growth and understanding as it is about manifesting specific outcomes.  Keep exploring, adjusting, and stay open to guidance and new perspectives. Sometimes, when we least expect it, the universe surprises us in the most delightful ways! 

The bottom line… In order to manifest, you are taking the reigns and beginning to understand how your mind, body and soul operates.  That is what I believe you were born to achieve… the introduction to your powerful soul.  


Dear Jewels:

Why do some people have long love relationships while others fail?
Hopeless in Seattle

Dear Hopeless in Seattle,

The durability of romantic relationships and the factors leading to their success or failure have been extensively studied via many disciplines, including psychology, Sociology and biology.  The longevity of love relationships can often be attributed to a complex interplay of individual traits, relationship dynamics, and external influences.


Here's a closer look at why some relationships endure while others falter:

  • Compatibility and Shared Values: Relationships that are built on a foundation of shared values and beliefs tend to have a stronger, more durable bond. When partners have similar views on significant issues like finances, religion, and family, they are likely to experience fewer conflicts.

  • Mutual Respect and Compatibility: Long-lasting relationships often feature a deep mutual respect for each other's personalities, goals, and quirks. Compatibility plays a critical role, allowing partners to enjoy each other's company and maintain a positive, supportive relationship environment.

  • Effective Communication: The ability to communicate openly, honestly, and effectively is crucial in maintaining a healthy relationship. Partners who can express their needs, hopes, and concerns without fear of judgment or retaliation create an atmosphere of trust and understanding.

  • Healthy Conflict Resolution: No relationship is without conflict, but the key to longevity is how conflicts are resolved. Successful couples tend to approach disagreements with a problem-solving attitude, seeking compromise and understanding rather than aiming to win an argument.

  • Maintaining Emotional Intimacy: Emotional intimacy involves a deep sense of connection and sharing, where both individuals feel seen, heard, and valued.  Regularly sharing thoughts and feelings helps keep the emotional bond strong.

  • Physical Connection: While physical intimacy may fluctuate over time, maintaining a physical connection through affectionate gestures, touch, and sexual intimacy is important for relationship satisfaction.


  • Supporting Individual Growth and Independence: Relationships that last often include partners who support each other's personal growth and goals.

  • Adaptability to Change: Individuals and relationships evolve over time. Successful couples adapt to changes together, whether they're related to career moves, health issues, or family dynamics.


Dear Jewels, 

How do I start using the Law of Attraction to improve my life?


Answer: Starting with the Law of Attraction isn't as mysterious as it might seem; it's all about tuning into your thoughts and feelings. You've probably heard the saying, "like attracts like," right?  Well, that's the core of it.  First, get clear on what you want.  Picture it, feel it, believe in it.  It's like ordering from the Universe's menu; be specific about your order!

Next, check your vibes.  You've got to feel good to attract good stuff.  It's like being a magnet for positivity; the better you feel, the more good things come your way.  And don’t forget, gratitude is a game-changer.  It shifts your mindset and keeps you in a feel-good state, which is prime real estate for attracting blessings.

Lastly, take inspired action.  It's one thing to dream big, but you've also got to make moves. The Universe loves a go-getter. Remember, the Law of Attraction isn't about sitting back and waiting; it's about setting intentions and then walking toward them.

So, there you have it, a starter kit for your Law of Attraction journey. And hey, don't sweat the small stuff.  It's like learning to ride a bike; you might wobble at first, but with practice, you'll be cruising.

Here's to attracting a life you love!



Dear Jewels,

Why isn't the Law of Attraction working for me?


Answer: Ah, the million-dollar question! If the Law of Attraction seems more like a law of distraction in your life, don’t worry, you're not alone.  It’s like having a smartphone with all the apps but no clue how to use them; it’s frustrating, right?  First off, check your belief meter. Doubt is a major roadblock on the manifestation highway.  If you’re sending out vibes of disbelief, the universe gets mixed signals.

Secondly, are you focusing on what you want or what you don’t want?  It's easy to accidentally focus on the negatives without realizing it. Instead of thinking, "I don’t want to be broke," shift to, "I want to be financially abundant."  It’s like ordering a no-onion burger; the Universe sometimes misses the 'no' and gives you extra onions!

Patience is key, too. Manifestation isn’t instant—sometimes the universe cooks up your desires on a slow simmer, not a rapid boil. Trust the process and keep your vibes high.

In essence, fine-tune your beliefs, focus on positive outcomes, and arm yourself with patience. Remember, the Law of Attraction is like Wi-Fi.  It’s always there, but it works best when you have a strong connection.  Keep at it, and you’ll start seeing the magic happen!


Dear Jewels: 

I am in a difficult relationship. In the beginning it was all wine and roses, but everything changed with loss of my employment.  I've been trying to find a new job, but the added stress put on my boyfriend due to my lack of funds that I can contribute, makes the relationship very shaky. My questions is this: how can I change my mindset to attract prosperity to me before I loose my boyfriend. Please help with some Law of Attraction advice. Betsy, WPB, FL. 

Dear Betsy: It's tough when LIFE tosses curve balls like this, isn't it? The shift from "wine and roses" to the stress of financial concerns is a challenge many face, so you're definitely not alone. It's important to remember that the Law of Attraction emphasizes the power of positive thinking. 

The belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person's life is VERY REAL. So, in your situation, while it's natural to wonder if you attracted these challenges to you, it might be more empowering to focus on how you can navigate through them. 

Step 1:  Shift Your Focus:  Instead of concentrating on the loss of your job or the financial strain, try to shift your focus to what you do have – a relationship, skills, experiences, and the potential for new opportunities.  This isn't about ignoring your problems, but about changing the lens through which you view them. 

Step 2: Visualize the Outcome - Here's a bit of advice based on Law of Attraction principles:  Spend some time each day visualizing what you want – maybe it's a fulfilling job, financial stability, or a happy, stress-free relationship. Picture it in as much detail as possible.  The Law of Attraction suggests that this can help to align your energy with your desires.
Step 3: Affirmations: Use positive affirmations, phrases or statements in order to challenge negative or unhelpful thoughts. 



Dear Jewels, 

What is the easiest way to shift your negative thinking to a positive one in which to change your life? It's so simple to talk positive but it is very difficult to do when you are in a depression. Bernard from Colorado.


Hi Bernard!

Great simple question! Shifting your mind from misery to happiness involves refocusing your thoughts and engaging in positive activities.

The first step is always to acknowledge your feelings without judgment. Practice gratitude by listing things you're thankful for, no matter how small. Engage in physical activities like a short walk or yoga, as exercise releases endorphins, boosting your mood..

Surround yourself with positive influences—people who uplift you or activities that bring you joy. Practice mindfulness or meditation to center your thoughts and reduce stress. LASTLY... AND THIS IS IMPORTANT... this shift doesn't happen instantly but gradually by using consistent effort and self-compassion.

So be kind to yourself... because you are worth it! 


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