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What is Hypnosis?!!

Updated: Apr 9

In all my years of practice and study, I have realized that one of the most powerful ways to implement Law of Attraction in your life is through Hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a word that is often misunderstood, and my aim is to make it easier and more accessible to everyone.


The following is an excerpt from my book “Self Hypnosis for Everyday Living” where I attempt to explain in the most elementary terms as to what hypnosis is


watch swinging tp hypnotize subject
Subject being hypnotized

What is Hypnosis?

Several years later I started looking into hypnosis and hypnotherapy more deeply. I went through dozens of books, articles and videos. Collecting and reading as much material on hypnosis as I possibly could.  Hypnosis, I figured is a very murky and ill- defined phenomenon.


Even though several definitions exist in the most layman terms, hypnosis is simply a way of suggesting a particular change. This change can be a thought, a belief, a sensation, a sound etc. In fact, perhaps, we can even claim that hypnosis is not a therapy in itself

but a method that can be ‘used in’ therapy.


Even though modern may have you believe that hypnosis is mind control, it must be understood that a person actually never loses control while under hypnosis. The whole depiction is fantasy. No one can make you do anything in hypnosis, that you would not be willing to do outside hypnosis. Hypnosis is not mind control, its essentially suggestion. It is what you suggest and how you suggest,

that makes the change happen.


Also, there are many methods how hypnosis is administered, from using long talking inductions, to asking the client to focus on a sport, to almost no formal inductions at all. However almost all methods of hypnosis require 'focus' of some sort.


It is important to point out that hypnosis does not necessarily require a ‘trance’ or a ‘sleepy’ state. There is a whole stream of hypnotherapy e.g. Ericksonian hypnotherapy or Active Alter hypnosis, that deals with hypnosis while one is awake.


All of this may sound confusing and therefore I believe it is important to give an example of a simple hypnosis session.


Example Procedure:

Hypnosis for Relaxation

The therapist would first of all talk to the patient and understand their issues. In this case, we can assume it's stress and anxiety. The therapist would discuss some options, solutions as well as perhaps reframe some of the patient’s problems to give a new perspective. All of this is meant understand the patient, explore ideas and most of all to create a genuine connection. The therapist would then go on to explain the basics of hypnotherapy and what is to be expected in the session.


The patient would then be asked to sit or lay down in a comfortable position and listen to the therapist's voice. At this point, some therapists also use a hypnotic audio, which is essentially soothing and pleasant music playing in the background. The therapist would then guide the client into a deep state of relaxation by asking them to take deep breaths, and relax the whole body. A deepening procedure can follow where the therapist counts down from 10 to 1, as the client is asked to imagine going down an escalator, or falling down a cliff or walking down some stairs.


Once there, the client can often be taken to a safe place, which can be a beach or a garden, followed by suggestions of staying calm, relaxing the mind and body. It is also useful to give post hypnotic suggestions. These have to do with suggestions for when the client is not in hypnosis e.g staying calm when faced with challenges at work or how easy it is to lay in bed and go to sleep. All in all this can last a good 20 to 30 mins after which an awakening can be performed by counting back from 1 to 10, and asking the client to open their eyes.


At the end the client and the therapist can have a small discussion about what the session was like and how wonderful they feel. Such a client may also be taught self hypnosis, which may be given as a home work to be done once or twice a day.


Umair Usman is a Hypnotist and an RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) Practitioner.


Your can know more about him on


The book ‘self hypnosis for everyday living’ is available on Amazon


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