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8 Powerful Tips to Make Manifesting Your Dream Life Simpler

Updated: Apr 9

Introduction - 8 Tips to manifesting your dreams

When it comes to the law of attraction, many think that it’s simply about putting your desires out into the universe and attracting them back to you. While this is true, it can often be challenging for beginners and more experienced practitioners alike to manifest their true desires. With so much information available, it’s challenging to know which manifestation techniques will work best for you.


In order to find the best way to attract your desires it often takes trial and error. This takes a lot of time which can lead to frustration and discouragement before you even see your first desired manifestation. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Through the years I’ve tried many techniques to manifest. Some were great and some not so much. As a result, I learned many lessons that have truly helped me become a powerful manifester. In this guide, I’ve detailed 8 top tips to make manifestation and the law of attraction simpler for you. Using and applying these tips will help to amplify your manifestations and help you call in all that you desire and more.


ashley person life coach
Ashley Pearson - Life Coach

Inner Healing Helps Sustain Your Manifestations


When you attract your desire using the law of attraction it’s a wonderful feeling. You’re filled with joy, happiness and awe. However, attracting your desire is just the beginning. In order to be a constant manifester and easy attractor, it’s important to heal your shadows and do inner healing work so that you keep what you attract. Unhealed trauma, whether conscious or unconscious, has a direct effect on how you are able to attract your desires and on how you are able to keep them.


By going within, doing your shadow work and healing traumas, you’ll begin to uncover and address many repressed experiences and unconscious traumas. This will allow you to gain control over your thoughts and emotions in a much better way, which will allow you to be clear on who you are and what your true desires are. As you embark on the journey of shadow work, know that healing is a journey and there is no time limit or right and wrong way.


The more you heal the more emotional control you will have which leads to more mental control. When you are able to gain control of your conscious thoughts you will be able to reprogram your subconscious mind so that you begin to attract what you desire and not create the past scenarios that keep you stuck in a repetitive cycle.


Shadow work can be intimidating for some people but it doesn’t have to be. It’s simply a tool like any other mode of self healing that helps you become the highest version of yourself possible. As you do your own shadow work, you begin to heal from the inside out, this will cause a ripple effect to those around you. They will begin to notice your changes and respond to you in a new way. They too may begin to go on a healing journey because our shadows and healing affect not only ourselves but those around us. When you begin to see the shift in yourself and others your emotions will continue to shift in a positive way allowing you to stay in alignment with what you are attracting.



Be Present In The Moment


Staying in the present moment has a direct affect on your ability to use the law of attraction to manifest your desires. When you stay in the present moment, you are focused on what is in your current reality.  Doing so cuts down on dwelling on the past or being in anticipation of the future which can lead to worry, fear or anxiety. It’s natural for your mind to think about any number of things that have happened or to think about things that you hope will happen. In a world filled with planning and to do lists it’s challenging not to put too much focus and energy on the future. However, in order to be the most effective at manifesting and attracting your desires, gaining control over your mind and emotions related to events in your life will help keep your energy focused on your manifestation.

seated on the floor mediating
Meditation to be present in the moment

Find Something To Be Grateful For

Finding something to be grateful for that you’re currently experiencing is a great way to stay grounded in the present moment. By tapping into gratitude, which I like to call  universal currency, you begin to shift your frequency which invites your desires to flow to you in an easier way.  When you can focus on and be grateful for what you have now, you will attract more for you to be grateful for. This will begin to cause shifts towards your desires. As you begin to witness the changes happening for you, this will help you keep your emotions in a higher state therefore making your manifestation easier.

Have Confidence In Your Ability To Attract Your Desires

Knowing that you have the ability to attract your desires is crucial when using the law of attraction. In the beginning it’s natural to be unsure of yourself or wonder if what you’re doing will work. However, the more confident you are the better you’ll be at attracting what you desire. One way to help boost your confidence is to keep a manifestation notebook. Each time you manifest and attract something you desire, write it down. When your confidence begins to dwindle, look back at your notebook to remind yourself of all of the times you manifested your desires. This is a great technique to use when you need a confidence boost.

Let Go Of The How

How your desire will come to you isn’t up to you. The Universe works in its own way and most times, how we expect our desire to unfold, never happens. Allow the Universe to work its magic by focusing on your part and allowing the Universe to do the rest. This can be uncomfortable especially if you’re used to working out every detail of your life. However, when it comes to working with the Universe, you’ll have to learn to surrender, let go and let the Universe do its thing. This takes practice but in time you will get better at not trying to figure it all out. If you like surprises then seeing how your desire unfolds will be the ultimate surprise since the Universe is full of surprises.

blank book with pen ready to write
Writing Your Desires

Ask The Universe For Assistance

You don’t have to do this alone. In fact, you shouldn’t do this alone. However, this can be challenging for many if you were taught that you must work hard and figure everything out on your own. Thankfully, there is help available to you. You have the power of the Universe on your side when it comes to the law of attraction, and here are 8 tips to manifest your desires. There are guides to assist you along your journey. All you have to do is ask for assistance and allow the Universe, in all its ways, to step in. Doing this will relieve your mind of much of the stress that can come along with waiting for your desire to appear.

Know That You Are Worthy Of Your Desire

You are worthy of that which you desire. While this is so true, many people don’t believe it. Knowing that you are worthy removes much of the self doubt that comes when you are attracting your desires. Having a healthy sense of self helps you recognize your strengths which will in turn help you believe that you are worthy of your desire.

Becoming more self aware through spiritual work such as astrology, human design, numerology or personal readings are also great ways to develop your self awareness. This spiritual self awareness will elevate the image you have of yourself. When you learn your personal energetic blueprint you discover who you are on a soul level. This alone assists you in a mighty way when you are attracting your desires. Knowing that you were literally designed to have certain things in your life, makes calling them in that much easier.

What You Desire, Desires You

You didn’t get the nudge for your desire out of nowhere. There’s a reason you want, what you want and hat you desire, desires you to have it for a reason. Maybe the experience you are seeking wants to express itself through you, in a way that only you can. Maybe you were created to have it. There are many reasons desires present themselves but when you know that what you desire, desires you it becomes easier to attract and align with it. Knowing that your desires are seeking you will help to cut down on any doubt that creeps in. Remember this as you begin to visualize yourself living your desires.

There are a multitude of ways to manifest your dream life. One approach is not better then the other. It simply comes down to finding what works for you and consistently using it. The most important thing is to know you’ve been gifted with amazing knowledge that will catapult your life in whatever direction you choose. Use this knowledge wisely and keep going. Your best life is on the other side of you letting your desires be known to the Universe.

About Ashley

Ashley Pearson is a Life Coach and Healing Facilitator specializing in emotional and subconscious healing. She blends spirituality with cognitive behavioral techniques in order to help her clients create a life they love waking up to. She believes that shadow work is the key to healing the subconscious and elevating your sense of self worth, self value and self love. She teaches how to elevate your self concept through the use of subconscious reprogramming, healing trauma, affirmations, spiritual laws and more. To learn more about how Ashley can assist you visit her website at She can also be reached at


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