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Would you like to become a Contributor?
We are always looking for qualified Law of Attraction Experts to share their thoughts with our readers!


The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine is always looking for talented writers, philosophers, artists, healers, health professionals and anyone else that can offer wisdom and guidance to submit their work for potential publication.  Please, do not be shy!  We review all articles and are happy to publish them if the content meets our quality standards.

Submission Guidelines

  • Word count: All posts must be at least 400 to 750 words.
  • Topics:  Please note the general nature of the content on The Law of Attraction Magazine and try to keep your content on the topics we cover or closely related subjects.  We are always open to profound content, no matter what the subject, however.  Again, don’t be shy!
  • Quality of Work & Essential Details: Please use section headings to break up your text.  Your work must have a central idea/thesis that is well developed throughout the piece and offers valuable information throughout.  Please make sure your work is focused, concise and will easily be understood by our Law of Attraction Audience.  Please check your work for grammatical and spelling errors before submitting.
  • Acceptance notification: Accepted articles will be acknowledged after submission and published on the site shortly thereafter. We appreciate and thoroughly read all submissions.

Author Bio’s

We will gladly include a short bio of each contributing writer, including a byline, links to personal blogs, websites, businesses, Facebook and Twitter accounts, etc. Your contributions will be promoted beyond Law of Attraction Radio Network's  growing online community of highly conscious individuals, further allowing you to leverage your writing into a successful career.  We currently have over 15,000 social media followers combined across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and so on and all published articles are submitted across these platforms and over 1 millions listeners.


To Send Your Submission

  • Please submit articles as text within a body of an email to
  • All submissions must include a working title and author bio.
  • All supporting images should be attached to the submission email with references to original sources if you do not have image rights.
  • Please note that your submission may be edited, abridged or otherwise altered, and by submitting to our Law of Attraction Magazine you agree to this type of editing (we generally only edit for grammatical correctness and formatting issues).
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