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Authors Corner

Why Ellen Wood’s Anti-Aging Program Is Unique

Ellen Wood a.k.a. Maruška
Artist, Columnist and Award-winning Author

This book would make a good Christmas present for someone you love.

The Secret Method for Growing Younger, Volume 1 - My Journey Through Alzheimer's to the Fountain of Youth Using the Law of Attraction

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Book price: $14. Shipping $4

Spend two minutes in Ellen’s company and you’ll feel her joie de vivre and marvel at her youthfulness. That’s because Ellen Wood is living proof that her Secret Method for Growing Younger anti-aging self-help program works!

Born on November 18, 1936, Ellen wasn’t always like this. After watching her mother waste away with Alzheimer’s, Ellen found herself starting on the same path of progressive cognitive decline.

Then in 2004 she “woke up” and began a daily practice using the mental and spiritual process in this book. Her program worked – Ellen reversed memory loss and gained vitality!

Complete step-by-step instructions for all seven habits are in Volume 2 of The Secret Method for Growing Younger. Ellen’s anti-aging self-help program combines knowledge from leading edge science – including neuroscience and epigenetics – with practices used for centuries to quiet the mind and empower the spirit.

Even though Ellen has the dreaded Alzheimer’s gene, she knows the mind can turn genes on or off and her daily practices are intended to keep that gene from becoming expressed.

Another reason Ellen’s program is unique. For her, growing young is not a promise of youthfulness someday in the future. Her program is a journey from the inside out that infuses each day with joy. It’s about releasing stress, the number one aging factor, and having inner peace – not by cutting out the noise of life or the challenge of relationships – but instead being in the midst of all that noise and challenge while being in harmony with your heart and spirit.

"Ellen Wood has truly laid claim to her authentic self and is providing a powerful and inspiring model for living a joyful, energized life at any age."

– Marianne Williamson,
internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher and author of seven New York Times bestsellers

“Let Ellen Wood, and her mental and spiritual process for claiming youthfulness, help you find your center, live your truth and celebrate joyfully all of those deep connections in your life.”

– Larry Dossey, MD,
Author and Leading Authority of  Mind/Body Medicine

“Ellen Wood has integrated this century of positive thinking and its effect upon health to the next level – its power not only to retard aging but to reverse it!”

– C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD,
Author of 30 books on Health, Longevity and Energy Medicine


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Author of the Month
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Kellie Fitzgerald

Author and Spiritual Coach 

Kellie Fitzgerald's journey has been anything but direct, marked by a series of obstacles and new beginnings, much like navigating choppy waters and enduring trials by fire. This rich tapestry of experiences fuels her passion as a spiritual coach, where she guides others as they forge their own paths and strive to become the best versions of themselves. Early in her career, Kellie was advised that her independent spirit was better suited for entrepreneurship than traditional employment. Heeding this advice, she has since launched, managed, and grown several small businesses. In addition to her entrepreneurial endeavors, Kellie is an accomplished author of children's books, creating stories that inspire and teach young minds about resilience and personal growth. Today, Kellie lives with an extensive menagerie of animals, tends to numerous gardens, and juggles more projects than one might consider reasonable—all testament to her boundless energy and commitment to living fully.
You can learn more about Kellie or purchase one of her books, an excellent gift for a young reader!

Author Kellie Fitzgerald Author
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